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Reviews are the windows into our core of trust and compassion---something everyone searching for the right home care agency should read. Most home care agencies will tell you that they're "the best in town." Read the reviews and feel your way to reason as you make a decision.

SYNERGY HomeCare reviews are the stories written about us by clients and their families. We believe it's important for new clients to "feel their way to reason" before hiring us as their caregiver. What we mean by this is for them to get an idea of what it will be like for their mom or dad to have in-home help. That's what reviews do---they paint the picture. Once a potential new client thinks SYNERGY HomeCare might be the agency for them, we offer a meeting to discuss every single question, concern and logistic. 

For example, any caregiver can make a PB&J for your mom's lunch. We don't just go through the motions of putting a plate in front of your mom; we include your mom in the process so that she feels like she has choices. Her caregiver will remember that she likes to have a cookie after lunch. Or a cup of tea---it's the little things that matter. And as time goes on, your mom will know what foods she likes best from her caregiver and can request her favorites. Before you know it, Mom and her caregiver have started building a friendly, trusting relationship that makes your mom noticeably happier. And when they're working on a dining room table-sized jigsaw puzzle together, you call Mom, she may tell you she can't talk now. And that's a good thing. There's peace of mind knowing that your mom is thriving and safe, and will call you back "when she can!!" That's a sweet story. And a common one.

Shon  | Aug 2019
Thank you so much to Ms.Bridgette and Ms. Amanda for helping me on my new career. They were so nice and the hiring process was quick and painless. This is the place for someone who is passionate about helping those in need. This company really cares about the caregivers and the clients.😍😍😍

Ashley | Aug 2019
I'm a caregiver here and I love what I do and its a great way to help you get your foot into the door in the heath care field. I been working here for a year now. One thing that I would want to see in this company is monthly check-up. Such as meeting, office parties, or one on one.

Anon |Aug 2018
I am a current client of this provider They provide what my loved one needs while I'm at work and keep them company. Their care is excellent. I know that my loved one's in good hands when I'm not home.

Oscar |Aug 2018
They are prompt, friendly, and they are responsive to feedback provided to them. When there was a short term need, they were able to fill the need with staff, and they were quick to respond.

John | Jul 2018
They did everything they said they would do. They gave him his medications, cooked his meals, and did everything they said would do. It took a lot of worry off me.

Sony | Jun 2018
The nurse and caretakers are very caring. They call me time to time to tell me how everything is. They are affordable too. They help with whatever she needs in the morning such as medication and bathing.

Bill | May 2018
They are very friendly and helpful. They get me in the shower and they do a great job at it.

Philip | May 2018
They are all very nice and are very efficient. I get a shower from them.

Jerry | Apr 2018
The people seem to care about the patient. They relieve the stress from being a full-time caregiver.

Margie | Jan 2018
They seem to genuinely care, are very attentive, are always on time, and are very flexible. The services help a lot by giving us some help with bathing my mom. My mom requires a lot of attention.

Matt | Dec 2017
SYNERGY HomeCare has sent me two different caregivers and they both have been excellent with my mother. My mother has really liked them. SYNERGY HomeCare has been convenient. My mother can't bathe herself, and the caregivers make it convenient and makes it easier for everybody.

Christina | Jun 2017  
Overall, we have been pleased with the caregivers from SYNERGY HomeCare. The impact from the services that SYNERGY HomeCare provides has been tremendous because I am able to leave the house now.

Bryan |May 2017
I was surprised with how hard SYNERGY HomeCare worked to meet our needs. SYNERGY HomeCare took care of day-to-day tasks for us.

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If you or a loved one could use a little extra help at home, from helping with daily meals and everything in between 24 hour care, call our care professionals to schedule a no obligation home care and safety assessment. We will come to your home to custom build a care plan that fits your needs. There is no obligation. If you choose SYNERGY Home Care of Irving, services can begin within one day.

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