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Testimonials from some of our clients:

  • The caregiver that we have now is very efficient and we are happy with them. (Painter - August 2018)
  • The service is outstanding so far. She just does what she knows how to do, I don't have to ask her. (Trost - June 2018)
  • They have a personal touch and give quality care. (Zurek - March 2018)
  • SYNERGY HomeCare was accommodating, and the caregiver was great. (Douglas - May 2017)
  • SYNERGY HomeCare has a high attention to detail and what our specific needs were. They seem to have a lot of knowledge and put my mind at ease. I feel confident with the services they provide. (Marcia - April 2017)
  • The caregivers are a good match because I don't have to tell them what to do. If the caregivers see something that needs to be done, they will do it. (Robert - Jan. 2017)
  • My mother really looks forward to Tuesdays, when the caregiver comes. (Ellen - Jan. 2017)
  • I have worked with a number of home care companies, but Synergy is by far the best of them.  The owner and his team offer a high-touch experience that is truly different...they really do feel like an extension of my family in delivering care.  (Chris - Dec. 2016)
  • I'm not really sure what my expectations were with SYNERGY before, but they have exceeded everything that I originally thought about home care. They have been a great, positive experience. (Cheryl - Oct. 2016)
  • SYNERGY provides very good service and their staff is trained well. (Ralph - August 2016)
  • SYNERGY HomeCare is giving me more than I expected.  I have never had a company that has cared so much about the individuals they have taken care of.  They make sure everything is done the way that I want.  (Oliver - March 2016)
  • I was impressed that SYNERGY HomeCare gave us a caregiver that was a good fit.  Other agencies have made me wait to get a proper caregiver, but our experience here was much better. (Alice - March 2016)
  • I feel much less stressed now that we have SYNERGY in our home. (Tony - May 2016)
  • The caregiver from SYNERGY did things that I physically couldn't do. I could do self-care, but I couldn't do things around the house, or do a lot of walking or bending, so the caregiver was a great help. (Janet - August 2016)
  • The caregiver's pleasant attitude shows and she takes care of things before I even ask. (Sharon - Mar 2016)
  • My caregiver shows compassion by talking with me and wants to help me in every way.  The services have impacted my life by helping me physically because I can't do much.  (Betty - Apr 2016)

Got Questions? Talk With Us.


Got Questions? Talk With Us.