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Meet Tom

I purchased a SYNERGY HomeCare franchise out of my own very real passion for home care. It is for you, and other families like yours, that I built SYNERGY HomeCare into the most trusted home care company in Denver serving our community since 2006. I truly believe in the meaningful options and choices that home care creates for those seeking long term care and in-home services.

The recognized strength of SYNERGY HomeCare comes from our relationships: relationships within our industry, in our teams, with our caregivers and, most importantly, with each of our clients and their families. We do all we can, every step of the way, to provide the care that meets your needs, honors your choices and exceeds your expectations. This is truly a family business. With help and support from my wife and a strong belief that our employees and clients are part of our family, please let me say first, “Welcome to our family”.

My name is Tom Yetzer and my story of why I have built this company is probably similar to yours. My family was facing tough decisions for care for my parents. My father began losing his eyesight to glaucoma and my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My siblings and I were suddenly in a position where the two people that had helped us through our lives now needed our help. 

Navigating the many options for care, balancing the financial hurdles and managing the emotional consequences my parents faced knowing they were losing independence became a daily challenge for everyone in my family. We are a very large family (6 kids) and also very close, and with love and support of each other we have been able to tackle every challenge and provide my parents the opportunity to age at home safely and with dignity.

This experience was in parallel with me looking for a career option that would allow me to reduce travel so I could spend quality time with my young family. Eli, 7, and Alivia, 5, were the drivers for me to make a transition to an owner of a SYNERGY HomeCare agency. My career prior to owning SYNERGY HomeCare was high tech sales, which was exciting and rewarding but never satisfied my need to serve my community. SYNERGY HomeCare has allowed me to achieve my most important goal which is quality time with my family while also receiving the fulfillment of serving our community helping families care for their loved ones. With the aid from our caregivers, whom I believe are the best in the industry and have hearts of gold, we are committed to and passionate for helping those in need and we do it “Because we CARE.”

I know you have questions and my commitment to you is that my team will be an expert resource to help you navigate your many options and provide you valuable information to help you care for your loved one. Whether it is services we offer or services provided by our partners, we will provide you or direct you to the right place to get all of your questions answered. We are here to serve our community and serve your family, we know this can be a stressful time and we are here to help you!

Thank you for reading and let me say again, “Welcome to our Family.”

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