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Our CARE Team

Compassionate, Trustworthy & Dependable



At SYNERGY HomeCare, we understand how hard it is to entrust someone with the health, safety, and happiness of yourself or loved one. You probably have a lot of questions about a potential caregiver such as:

    • Can I trust this person in my home? 
    • What if the caregiver doesn’t show up?
    • Will the caregiver get along with my mother? 
    • Does the caregiver have experience working with Alzheimer’s patients? 
    • Is the caregiver properly trained and certified?
    • Is the caregiver insured in the event of an accident in my home?
    • Do I have to supervise and pay the caregiver directly?

SYNERGY HomeCare can alleviate these worries by providing honest and direct answers to all of your questions or concerns. You can rest assured that we have done the pre-screening legwork and training for all of our caregivers before they are allowed to service a single client.

If you have any caregiver questions after reading below or would like to schedule your FREE In-Home CARE Consultation, please call us at 719.203.5848 today.

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Why OUR Caregivers Are The Best



How do we find the best caregivers in the Colorado Springs area… not easily! We follow a thorough, disciplined and systematic approach to evaluate each caregiver applicant. Our hiring process ensures that we are confident an individual is fully qualified to enter your home and provide you home care services as a SYNERGY caregiver.

Here are some important reasons why our caregivers are the best in the industry:


    • Caregivers are W-2 employees (NOT 1099 Independent Contractors) and fully insured by SYNERGY HomeCare

Why Is This Important To You? 


Staff members tend to be more reliable. They want to keep their job. A contract worker may work for several different companies. As such they may choose to work with another client on the day you were scheduled. And this could leave both of us in a bad situation. Additionally, we are able to make certain requirements of staff that we could not legally ask of a contract worker. Important things like attending training classes, working a certain schedule and more.

It typically takes us, 10-15 applicants, to find a new caregiver that matches our values and our passion to help others.


We take our time to make sure the person we send to your home is one we would be comfortable sending to our Grams home.

Additionally, we do the following pre-checks.


    • We conduct a four-part background check for all applicants (National Criminal, OIG Exception List, DORA, and Incremental CBI)
    • Additionally, we conduct professional reference checks on all applicants
    • Caregivers must comply with our drug-testing program
    • And all Caregivers must maintain current CPR and First Aid certification
    • Caregivers must have a High School Diploma or equivalent
    • Furthermore, Caregivers must understand, speak, and write in English

And We Don't Stop There!


    • Many caregivers have completed higher levels of training such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Medical Assistant (MA), Qualified Medication Administration Person (QMAP)
    • Caregivers must complete annual training on infectious disease prevention
    • And Caregivers must complete eight (8) hours of caregiver training prior to attending an orientation where they must complete personal care skills training and evaluation
    • Our caregivers have unlimited access to specific online training modules that cover all subjects related to home care services
    • We provide ongoing training to constantly refine all caregivers’ skills and help them develop new areas of expertise including Alzheimer’s and Dementia care training
    • We regularly assess caregiver performance on the job, at least quarterly, to ensure the highest quality of care is provided
    • Caregivers are available 24/7/365. Clients and their families can reach SYNERGY HomeCare staff any time, day or night.

Matching SYNERGY Caregivers to Clients



Families often tell us that finding the right caregiver for their loved one was one of the best and most life-changing decisions they ever made.  They also tell us that SYNERGY HomeCare made the process much easier than they could’ve ever imagined. We understand the importance of finding the right caregiver for you or your loved one.  You want someone with the right set of skills, experience, and know-how for the job.  But you also want someone with the right personality… someone who is professional, personable and who will connect emotionally with your loved one.

Here is What a Client Had to Say Recently on Google


Synergy Caregivers cared for my mother for approximately a year before her death. She was 96 yrs old and as her needs increased, they were absolutely wonderful to come into our home to assist and befriend her while I was away. I know those who entered my home were carefully selected and personally trained by Brooke McClintock (co-owner). This company has found a healthy balance in being professional and personal. I can recommend their services without hesitation and will use them again if needed.
Read more great reviews on our Google page!

It is All About Passion! 

At SYNERGY HomeCare, our caregivers are the foundation of our company. They are highly experienced and adept in providing care to seniors, children, and people recovering from injury and illness.  Our Colorado Springs caregivers are very talented, inspiring individuals that come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of experience levels. However, they all have one thing in common: the unwavering passion to help and inspire others!

Free Care Consultation


We begin the matching process by working closely with you and your family to understand your specific care needs and goals. During our free CARE Consultation, we will also learn more about your unique personality and living situation.  Together, we will develop a customized care plan that addresses each need and goal within your established budget. 

SYNERGY HomeCare will then evaluate the credentials, experience, and personality of our available caregivers to find the most compatible match for you! For example, if your loved one has suffered from dementia, we will identify caregivers that already have extensive training and experience in this type of care. You will certainly have the opportunity to evaluate your assigned caregiver(s) on the job and may request a different caregiver at any time for any reason.

Once care begins, our Coordinated and Responsive Engagement (CARE) Team approach kicks into effect.

Our Colorado Springs CARE Team will communicate regularly with you and your family to ensure everyone stays apprised of your loved one’s condition. In accordance with our CARE Team approach, we will also facilitate the coordination between healthcare providers and family members to ensure your loved one is receiving the right level of care. We will always strive to provide you with the same caregiver for each visit but, depending on your needs and time requirements and our caregivers’ availability, you may receive assistance from multiple members of our CARE Team. We are always available to discuss your care plan and make adjustments as needed!

Rest assured, our SYNERGY caregivers not only meet the physical and emotional requirements of the job but also have a proven track record for excellence. We are committed to working with you to find the optimal caregiver match for you and your family – this is our promise to you.  Together as a Team, SYNERGY HomeCare will help you find the right solution for your home care needs.

Family Caregivers

We can certainly empathize with the majority of families that would prefer to have another family member caring for their loved one at all times. We also understand that this is often unrealistic for most families. At SYNERGY HomeCare, we will go above and beyond to provide you with a caregiver that will act an extension of your family; someone who will go out of their way to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

Free Training For Family Caregivers


Additionally, we like to share our knowledge of how we provide the highest quality home care services in the industry. Therefore, we offer the families of our clients' free access to our online caregiver training system. This free training can help teach family members some basic caregiver skills that they can practice to dramatically improve their loved one’s quality of life.


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Got Questions? Talk With Us.


Got Questions? Talk With Us.