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Client Testimonials

Betty - Mar 2017

"I know the caregiver cared because he still calls me to see how I am doing"

"The caregiver was responsive and concerned"

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Harry - Dec 2016

"I prefer caregivers that are gung-hoe. Sally worked very hard, which reminded me of myself. She never wanted to take breaks"

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Cal - Nov 2016

"The service has lifted a huge burden and weight off of my shoulders"

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Gene -  Sept 2016

"Synergy is very professional and I feel confident with them. There is a good level of training with their caregivers"

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Robert - Jul 2016

"Robert's life has been changed for the better with the care he receives from SYNERGY"

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Richard - Jun 2016

"I don't have much interaction with the office staff because the service in the field is good"

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Patrick - May 2016

"When my father is alone at home, he gets antsy and really confused. Just having someone here that is kind and compassionate helps incredibly. SYNERGY makes everything a lot easier"

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Bob & Kay - May 2016

"The caregivers are on time, they are honest, and they have respect to call if they are late"

"I really like the quality of the caregivers from SYNERGY. They are caring, compassionate, and really get into their work"

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Susan - Apr 2016

"The caregiver adds a personal touch to her work. She is interested in finding out things about me that she doesn't know"

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Gene - Mar 2016

"Melanie, the caregiver, comes up with different ideas to get my husband out in the world. She has enriched his life because she enlarged it"

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Anonymous - Feb 2016

"My caregiver shows me that they have good work ethic by going to the store"

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Regina - Jan 2016 

"My caregivers are always prompt and are really professional"

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Kristine - Jan 2016

"The caregiver would do what I asked of her and would go beyond"

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Gail - Dec 2015

"The caregiver has helped me not feel so nervous about my eye surgery. She helped me so much"

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Anonymous - Nov 2015

"SYNERGY Home Care has improved my overall quality of life"

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Margaret - Oct 2015

"The services impact my quality of life because Jean is housebound, and I'm not able to be there all the time. It's given me confidence because I know that she's not alone, that she has companionship, and that there's communication back and forth"

Shadow _500x 18Posted by Shir D of Bedford, NH

2015 ★★★★★

"I hired Synergy to assist my 94-year old grandmother with daily needs who is still living in her home and have been delighted with the quality of care and the responsive service of the owners. Managing the needs of aging seniors is dynamic and at times challenging, and they respond with sensitivity and a sense of urgency. I can't recommend them enough."

Shadow _500x 18Posted by Edna of Laguna Woods, CA 

2014 ★★★★★

“Duke Chadsey has been exceptionally helpful and quick to respond to any problem. His caring personality has made working with him and my mother easy and pleasant. I give high marks to Nancy and especially Diane in the care of our mom Grace.”

Shadow _500x 18Posted by Paul of San Clemente, CA 

2014 ★★★★★

Likelihood of you recommending [agency] to others -- SYNERGY is easy to work with. The caregivers are good as well. They're reliable and we've had a good experience with them.

Overall quality of service -- They're reliable and easy to deal with. They always get right back to us and can manage everything we've needed, within reason. I'm totally confident in SYNERGY.

Coordination of caregiver's schedule -- They're very on the ball. 

Shadow _500x 18Posted by Jennifer of Mission Viejo, CA 

2014 ★★★★★

Confidence level in [agency]'s office staff -- The office staff is conscientious and proactive.

Effectiveness and frequency of the communication from [agency] -- The communication from the agency is high quality.

Likelihood of you recommending [agency] to others -- SYNERGY HomeCare is very professional. They provide excellent service. Financially, they're at market rate, so they're not overly expensive for the quality of service. 

Shadow _500x 18Posted by Betty of Mission Viejo, CA 

2014 ★★★★★

Caregiver's work ethic -- The caregiver does everything so quickly and she does a good job.

Compassion of caregivers --The caregiver is very nice, thoughtful, and very interested in our well beings.

Confidence level in [agency]'s office staff --  The office staff members are very nice.

Likelihood of you recommending [agency] to others --I would recommend SYNERGY HomeCare. 

Shadow _500x 18Posted by Maribe of Irvine, CA 

2014 ★★★★★

"Dear Teresa This is to let you know The great job that Jade and KimChi did taking care of my husband during my trip over seas.

They are very kind professional and efficient. We will be very happy to have them in the future.

All the best, and God bless you;"

Shadow _500x 18Posted by Dennis of San Juan Capistrano, CA 

2013 ★★★★★

"Up to this point we had not had a need for the type of services that SYNERGY HomeCare provides.  When our need arose, we talked to several care providers including SYNERGY HomeCare.  We decided to go with Synergy because of the way they responded to us, their genuine concern, expertise, and promises concerning our 89 year old loved one.  On all counts we found our actual experience with Synergy to be even better than they had promised.  What a relief!  Theresa, Duke and the two care-givers, Nancy and Deborah were extraordinary and fit in just like family.  We are very pleased to be able to strongly recommend Synergy HomeCare."

Shadow _500x 18Posted by Lesley of Laguna Niguel, CA

2013 ★★★★★

"My 87 year old healthy mother was suddenly faced with a diseased heart valve that left her too weak to care for herself. We called Synergy HomeCare who immediately responded to our needs. They identified the perfect live-in caregiver for my mom. She was compassionate, kind, gentle and very attentive to my mother's needs.

Synergy HomeCare exceeded our expectations. They are responsible, results oriented. Duke  communicated with us on a weekly basis to ensure my mother's needs were being met.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Synergy HomeCare."

 Shadow _500x 18Posted by Karen of Mission Viejo, CA

2013 ★★★★★

"These people are the best there is. When I needed help caring for my mother, they went out of their way to provide the kind of help I needed. Their caregivers are friendly, willing, and professional, exhibiting real concern and caring."

Shadow _500x 18Posted by Elaine of San Clemente, CA

2013 ★★★★★

"We have been so pleased with the service and help of Synergy Home Care.They are so wonderful to work with and wil help you in anyway you need.

Definitely recommend them highly."

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