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Client Testimonials

 SYNERGY HomeCare of Sun City, AZ 

Eddi H. - Google and Yelp Review from the Spouse of previous Client William 7/16/19:

Synergy came into my life when I needed a great deal of support for my husband as his health became overwhelming for not only me but for the entire family.

The caregiver that was provided for his last year of life, made him feel connected to the real world and having someone who care for him not only as a caregiver but as a companion made his last few months very special.

There are no words that can express my gratitude for the service Synergy provided.


Letter Received from Current Client Carole 7/5/19:

To Whom it may concern, 

I want to share my experience with Tammy because she is a very special caregiver.  When she first came to help me, I needed total care and had been in and out of the hospital frequently. 

She has always shown compassion and understanding with my care and needs, and she has always been very caring.  When I used the Hoyer lift, she was very careful because of my back(fractures), and for several months she carefully assisted me in and out of my bed and chair with the manual hoyer lift, which she did very well, taking the time to make sure I was not hurting. 

She has helped me with my leg and arm exercises to help strengthen my muscles and as I began to stand and use my walker, she was there to help and encourage me.  She was there to make sure I didn't fall and felt safe. 

I still require assistance with bed baths, dressing, and daily routine, and she does this with care and efficiency.  She is not only a great caregiver, but I and my family consider her a friend. 

Warm regards,



Richard M. - Review on - 2/8/19 - Current Client

For the last month, it has made our lives a lot easier.  The caregiver we have is dynamite.  The quality of service that we get is excellent.


Letter Received from the Family of Delores 12/07/2018:

To Whom it may concern,

Tina has been the primary Home Caregiver for my mother for the past eighteen months.  Her personality and insight have made my life more substantial than most people taking care of their mother with dementia Alzheimer's usually get.  My mother has violent tendencies and strikes out when aggravated or unable to get what she wanted.  Tina was able to not only avoid these attacks but also to redirect them to a positive manner.  She has repeatedly been the only caregiver to get mom outside in public and bring her back without major incidents.  I myself have not been able to get mom out without problems, making it a God send that she was here.  She is always just a little early in her shifts and able to adjust to my schedule or traffic issues when trying to get back before her stated shift ended.

Her knowledge and experience make her a trusted employee and a saint of a friend.  If you can have her work for you, she will excel at her task and make you feel confident that all situations will be handled in the most appropriate way.  Mom has progressed in a downward trend and that is why our relationship had to end.  Mom needed to be in a home with 24-hour care as she declines.  I will miss our interactions every day and think you will be lucky to have such a warm and caring person to assist you in your endeavors.



Email Received from the Family of David 11/14/2018:

As previously notified, I am officially canceling David Home Care effective November 16, 2018. David’s Care has been outstanding and with the utmost professionalism these past three months. David’s progress with Sharon providing the in-home care and the staff at Synergy Home Care providing the support, especially, Kyle providing the scheduling has made this process easy and complete. David will be going into an Assisted Living in Surprise and they will be continuing his progress with full time care. I hope Sharon will be able to visit David from time to time to see his continued progress. Again, I want to thank Sharon and the whole Staff at Synergy Home Care for David’s Care. Please, pass this memo on to others that provided the support and Care for David.


Letter from Marlene and David, Current New Clients September 2018:

To Whom it May Concern,

This is the first time we have used your agency. We are pleased to let you know that Cindy is excellent. She arrives and leaves on time. She is very dependable. She is very cheerful and uplifting. It is a pleasure to carry on a conversation with her. She is more than willing to do tasks in the home as needed. I felt very confident when she assisted me in taking a shower. Even though my husband had relatively little contact with her, he also felt confident in leaving me with her. Because of her, we would recommend her and your agency for those who might need caregiver help. We hope your other employees live up to her standards.

Marlene and David


Letter from Ken and Mary Lou, Current Clients of 3 years:

To Whom it May Concern,

Pixie is the number one caregiver for my Wife, Mary Lou. We have had a bunch of caregivers from different companies over the years but she is the best, as she gets along with Lou. We love her as she is part of our family, and we have never had family, per SE. Take this note as an atta-boy from us. 


Ken and Mary Lou 

From the family of Benton, who passed away in April 2018:

On behalf of Benton's family we want to thank you for the wonderful care. We are especially grateful for the continuity in caregivers and the peace of mind that you gave us.  Your caregiver we excellent, with compassion and expertise, and helped our Dad through some very rough times. Thank you for the exceptional care, for your leadership and compassion, for the elderly, and for caring for our Dad with love.

From the family of Donald, who passed away in March 2018:

Dear Synergy, On behalf of our whole family we would like to thank you for taking excellent care of Donald for the past two years, and especially during his final weeks. My dad wanted to live out his life in his home, and your dedicated caregivers allowed him to do this with the dignity he deserved. We are grateful for your compassion. Thank you.

From the Mother of Denise, who passed away in January 2018:

To all concerned, I wanted to thank you for being professional and prompt in all my requests. I have gone through many months of the most difficult time of my life.  My daughter Denise was in her last stages of a brain tumor slowly taking her life and leaving her with a slow loss of the ability to walk, talk and interact with people. But...we were sent an angel who could talk and elicit small human responses from her up until the end.  The caregiver was a daily beam of light, caring and resourceful.  

From the daughter of Babette, in our Home Care Pulse Survey, March 2015:

I like the kindness and thoroughness of the caregivers and the office staff. They've been really wonderful. The caregivers took time with my mom. They took time to talk with her, and asked if they could do anything for her. That made me feel very good. SYNERGY was great with my mother. I had no problems at all with them. The caregivers were very compassionate. 

A note from the family of John, Current Client of 5 years :

We've had Synergy for about five years once a week for a few hours. But six weeks ago my brother fell down in the middle of the night and I didn't find him until the morning. I had him rushed to the hospital. The hospital after a week of care wanted to send him to a rehab but I decided to bring him home. He needed a caregiver 24 hours a day, he couldn't even walk. When he came home over the course of 5 weeks they got him walking. He's just doing great! Synergy helped me with everything. I mean they did anything and everything I asked. It was just wonderful. I wanted to say that it was not just one or two caregivers. There were 10 different caregivers over the course of 5 weeks and every one of them was wonderful. They were all different but one was just as good as the other. I could relax and sleep at night knowing that they were here and taking care of him. Plus my sister and I were staying 24 hours a day at the hospital so we were exhausted. And now, John is doing well enough that we are back to our once a week regular schedule. 

From Patricia in our Home Care Pulse Survey, March 2015:

I would recommend SYNERGY highly. I would tell others that the company makes you feel at home, and are good at what they do. The caregivers cook for me in the evening and they let me help if I want to. They help me in every which way I need it. 

From Gladys in our Home Care Pulse Survey, March 2015:

The caregivers make me comfortable. They see to it that I am fed and bathed, and they seem to look ahead, rather than waiting for me to tell them what to do. The caregivers show compassion by having an interest in my condition, and they want to help me. You could not believe how comfortable we feel with SYNERGY HomeCare.

A note from the family of Mitchell, who passed away in January 2015:

Dear SYNERGY staff: what an amazing group of people you are. Thank you for your kindness to Mitchell these last couple of years. God has truly called you to His service.

From Charmaine in our Home Care Pulse Survey, September 2014:

 The caregiver cares about us. She is a nice lady. I asked her why she wanted to [do this job] and she said she would want someone to treat her parents like she treats us.

From Louise in our Home Care Pulse Survey, July 2014:

The first thing she does when she comes in is give my husband a big smile and she asks how he is doing. She is good to my husband, and she always knows what to do when I am frustrated with something. I can trust Laura with anything. My husband really enjoys seeing her as well.

From John in our Home Care Pulse Survey, July 2014:

I feel like for the most part, I have been treated very well by SYNERGY HomeCare. The care isn't very cheap, but nothing really good is ever cheap. As of now, I am getting the care that I feel like we deserve.

From Eloise in our Home Care Pulse Survey, July 2014:

SYNERGY HomeCare is almost like having a family member with me. I don't have to dictate anything, the caregivers know everything and they remind me of things I should do if I forget.

From Margaret in our Home Care Pulse Survey, July 2014:

I appreciate that the caregiver actually cares. The care is constant. She is here every day, Monday through Friday, and helps with things I can't do anymore. She is my substitute granddaughter.

From Mary in our Home Care Pulse Survey, June 2014:

I appreciate all of the aides that we have from SYNERGY HomeCare. They have all been very nice people who enjoy their work. They were always on time and provided a good service to both myself and my husband.

Review from Happy Client on , April 2014:

We were referred to SYNERGY HomeCare by the nurse at Mom and Dad's church.  We have been amazed at the compassion, kindness and professionalism of the care providers and office staff of SYNERGY HomeCare.  My brother and I live out of state and initially were worried about leaving Mom and Dad with people we didn't know.  What a relief to have found SYNERGY!  Dad passed away several months ago and because of SYNERGY he died in peace in the comfort of his own home.  All of the care providers loved Dad and they continue to lovingly care for Mom round the clock.  I can't say enough good things about this wonderful company! 

Letter from the family of Frank, March 2014:

I am writing to let you folks know how very grateful we are to your agency and to the very special people with whom we came in contact and who provided care to our father/father-in-law during the end of his life. There are many home care agencies out there, but I doubt that they're all equal.

I have to mention that I was very favorably impressed by the fact that in my first call to your agency (which was first on my list to call) I apparently spoke directly with the owner of SYNERGY HomeCare. He was very friendly, personable and responsive to me during our brief conversation. This favorable impression was thoroughly reinforced by your intake coordinator Midge Nelson at our first meeting and during each subsequent contact with her. She is a lovely person whose compassion and kindness is not in the least bit diminished by her complete professionalism. As a registered nurse with a 30-year history of caring for people, I find that genuineness is not something one can feign.

We'd like especially to commend and thank Frank's caregivers: Susan, Angie and Deborah. They were all wonderful. We know this because Frank was very fond of them and told us frequently.

Frank was 88 years old at the time of his passing and would have turned 89 in June. He was a mentally sharp and determined man who really wanted to die at home and we were so happy to be able to accommodate his wishes. It was only possible however, given the fact that the rest of his family live out of state, because of the reassurance that he was in such caring and competent hands. 

From Anonymous in our Home Care Pulse Survey, March 2014:

I would definitely recommend this agency to anyone who may be in need of home care. SYNERGY HomeCare has employed caregivers who are very prompt and extremely compassionate towards the client and their needs. They have always been willing to help us in any way they can. 

From Patricia in our Home Care Pulse Survey, March 2014:

They have been the biggest help to me, EVER! They have just been wonderful! 

From Jelica in our Home Care Pulse Survey, January 2014:

The overall quality of service has been very good. Their communication is excellent. They are very invested in the service that they provide. The fact that they check up on the services as well as on their employees by performing these satisfaction interviews shows me that they are dedicated to improving and providing the best service possible. 

From Phyllis in our Home Care Pulse Survey, January 2014:

I have had the same caregiver for a long time and they know exactly what to do. They send good people that are well mannered. 

Letter from Kris, December 2013:

I want to thank you for your assistance to make the last days for my daughter as comfortable as possible. The caregivers you sent to her home were amazing.  April was wonderful.  She attended to Debbie’s every need with compassion, tenderness and caring.  She also gave wonderful support to my granddaughter and to myself.  I give April the highest recommendation.  I did not know Carolyn as well as she worked nights but my granddaughter was very pleased with the care she gave her mother and the secure feeling she herself had. Though the time was short, you and your employees (yourself, April, Carolyn and your schedulers) proved you are a number one organization. You have my thanks and my gratitude. 

Note from Bruce, Julia and Doris, September 2013:

Thanks to all the SYNERGY team for your excellent care for our father and husband.


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